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            Zhenjiang Feiya Bearing Co.,LTD is a strypped-down special middle-scale enterprise from Zhenjiang Bearing Factory in 1998.It was originally national secondary enterprise,new and high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province,main research unit in homemade innovative Needle bearing of numerical control lathe.It is one of the needle bearing factories which have most varieties,best grade,largest batch,highest level and widest overlay in bearing industry of our country.
            Our company was founded in 1970 with an area of 32,000 sq.m ,and now it owns a fixed assets of 70 million yuan and more than 400 producing and testing equipments including many import high precision equipments(such as Bryan grinder),technics equipments have achieved internal advanced level.Now there are more than 700 employees in our company,of whom 167employees are technicians , 11 employees have senior title , 72 employees have junior title ,as therr are many kinds of skillful craftsmen such as artificers and senior mechanics.

            There are six serieses of product variety such as new type needle bearing ,column roller bearing,taper roller bearing,thrust bearing,angle tangency ball bearing and various composite bearings with totaling more than 2000 varieties,our products have many varieties,complete specification,advanced structure and excellent quality and many have fill up internal blank,thereinto composite bearing and substantiality needle supporting (such as bearing idler wheel ) and roller bar supporting bearing have internationally advanced level,our products have won provincial and city science and technology progress award as well as city famous brand products for many times.Our products are widely used in auto,lathe,metallurgy,engineering machinery,textile machinery,printing machinery and light machinery,moreover there are nearly 40% of our products are sold to many countries in Occident, Southeast Asia and are deeply favored by customers.

            In 1999 our company successfully passed ISO9002:1994 Quality Management System Certificate,in 2000 it passed ISO10012-1 Measure Guarantee Certificate,and in 2002 it passed ISO/TS16949 and ISO90012000 Quality Management System Certificate.

            In the past few years,our enterprise has been award much hornor by department of higher level ,such as national secondary enterprise,new and high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province,provincial and city double civilization unit, advanced collectivity in enterprise management,advanced collectivity in quality management,advanced collectivity in local management,advanced collectivity in safe production,advanced Party organization and Five-good Party organization.Meanwhile it is awarded A grade supplier by many users.

            Our company has inherited quality guideline of "satisfy customers with sincerity and credit" to warmly serve customers. Fortitudinous,striving,hotheaded and hospitable Feiya personnel will warmly welcome friends of all circles to visit our company and negotiate business with us,FYB brand bearing is your ideal choice.

             Feiya Bearing is your trusty bearing.